Minami Mizuno’s Shojo Manga Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa Gets Live-Action Film in August 2024

adminApril 4, 2024

A live-action film adaptation of Minami Mizuno’s (Rainbow Days) romance shojo manga series Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa (We Don’t Know Love Yet) was announced today, set to release in Japan on August 23, 2024.

Mai Sakai, who recently worked on the TV drama adaptation of Hinao Wono’s romance manga series Tomorrow, I’ll Be Someone’s Girlfriend, serves as director. Ryusei Onishi, a member of the boy idol group Naniwa Danshi, stars as the protagonist, Eiji Aihara. This is his first leading role in a feature film.

A special trailer introducing the photo session for the main cast visuals is now streaming on the film’s distributor Shochiku’s official YouTube channel.


The film’s six main cast members include:

    • Eiji Aihara played by Ryusei Onishi (boy idol group Naniwa Danshi member)
    • Naohiko Bessho played by Airu Kubozuka
    • Koharu Fujimura played by Nagisa Saito
    • Izumi Shiosaki played by Riko
    • Taichi Senami played by Soya Igari
    • Mizuho Ikezawa played by Sara Shida

The manga ran in Shueisha’s monthly shojo manga magazine Bessatsu Margaret from 2017 to 2021, releasing 11 tankobon volumes. “I am very honored that KoiBoku, which has already concluded, will be made into a live-action movie,” the author said on the film’s official website. “After the film adaptation got the green light, I was so happy that I immediately read all the volumes again (laugh). I am so excited that the real Eiji and his friends will be created by Onishi-san and the other actors. I also feel the great enthusiasm of the producers and staff, and I am looking forward to the completion of the film!”

The film’s official website describes its story:

Eiji and Naohiko are in the second year of junior high school and are best friends. Eiji’s childhood friend, Izumi, transfers to their school. Eiji has had feelings for Izumi since he was a child, but has been unable to put them into words. Then, Naohiko confesses his feelings to Izumi and the two start dating. The three go on to the same high school, where they meet Koharu, Taichi, and Mizuho, and their respective love stories begin to unfold. What will happen to the unexpected love stories of the six who have not yet known true love?


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