Sengoku Youko Anime Continues with New Cour in July 2024

adminApril 4, 2024

Sengoku Youko, an ongoing TV anime based on the fantasy adventure manga, has published a new key visual (below) for the series and revealed additional information about its Japanese broadcast. The next cour, which encompasses the “Senma Konton-hen” (“Thousand Demons of Chaos Arc”), will broadcast in Japan beginning in July 2024. The first cour is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

A new key visual for the upcoming second cour of the Sengoku Youko TV anime featuring artwork of Senya up to his waist in blood-red water during a lunar eclipse. A coiling dragon and a horde of grimacing ghosts are in the background, and Senya's reflection in the water has malevolently glowing red eyes.

The original Sengoku Youko manga by Satoshi Mizukami was serialized from 2007 – 2016 in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Blade and Comic Blade magazines. Masahiro Aizawa directs the TV anime adaptation at animation studio WHITE FOX.

DoramasGo describes Sengoku Youko:

Humans and katawara are at war, but there are those on each side who join forces. Tama is a fox spirit who loves humans, while her sendou brother, Jinka, despises them. Together, they use the power of spirit transformation to defeat the monstrous katawara and put an end to the evils of this chaotic age. What destiny awaits the duo at the end of their journey?


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